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Who was St. Honoré?

Honoré Baking is named for St. Honoré of Amiens, the patron saint of bakers, confectioners and pastry chefs. So who was St. Honoré and why is he the baker’s patron saint?

According to the online source, Catholic Online (www.catholic.org/saints), St. Honoré (a/k/a Honoratus) of Amiens was born of noble parents in northern France in the mid 6th century. St. Honoré was a humble and virtuous man who believed himself to be unworthy of the bishopric of Amiens when it was offered to him. St. Honoré eventually relented and was elected the seventh bishop of Amiens.

According to the legend, St. Honoré’s childhood nursemaid was baking bread when she received the news that Honoré was to be elected bishop. The nursemaid did not believe the news and proclaimed that she would only believe that Honoré had been made a bishop when her bread peel took root and grew into a tree. It is said that when the handle of the peel was placed into the ground, it immediately sprung roots and bloomed into a mulberry tree. The mulberry tree which grew from the nursemaid’s bread peel lived for 900 years!

St. Honoré of Amiens is often depicted with a long handled baker’s peel and loaves of bread. St. Honoré’s feast day is May 16.

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