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Hippity Hoppity Bunny Cookies for Easter!

Good morning dear friends!  Are you making plans for an Easter celebration?  Today, I'm sharing with you vanilla almond sugar cookies that I've made for Easter weekend.  For the past several years, I've made egg shaped sugar cookies so this year I wanted to do something a little different.  Say hello to Mr. Easter Bunny!   I found the bunny shaped cookie cutter online and it was the right shape and size.

How do you like my design?  I drew my inspiration from vintage Easter cards that I have seen online.  The cheery yellow background is a lovely compliment to the pink and red rose buds, don't you think?  I have been itching to try this wet-on-wet decorating technique for roses that I saw on the website for Amber Spiegel's cookie business, SweetAmbs.  Have you ever seen any of Amber's cookie designs online?  If you haven't then you need to check them out ASAP.  Amber's designs are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!  Absolutely gorgeous!  Amber has posted a bunch of videos on YouTube where she demonstrates her decorating techniques, including (happily for me!), her wet-on-wet rose.  I watched Amber's video a few times and then I hit the kitchen.

Last July, I posted a three part collection on how to make vanilla almond sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.  (Cookie Art: Parts I, II and III - July 8, 15 and 29, 2016)  So I won't go over making the cookies and the icing again.  Today, I am just going to focus on my bunny cookies.  I made a single batch of the vanilla-almond sugar cookies.  Since my bunny cutter was on the smaller side (about 2-1/2 inches), I was able to get three dozen cookies out of a single batch.

What do I mean by a wet-on-wet decorating technique?  Well, instead of letting the yellow flood icing that I used for the background dry, I added the tinted flood icings for the rose buds and leaves immediately after applying the yellow flood icing to the cookie.  The background icing is still wet thus the name wet-on-wet.

Here's a close up of one of the rose buds on my bunny cookies.  Can you see how many colors there are?  I needed pink and red flood icings for the rose buds and two shades of green for the leaves.  With the yellow icing that I needed to pipe the outline of the bunny and fill in the background, that was total of five colors of icing that I needed to make these cookies.  So I made a full batch of royal icing to be sure that I had enough to complete three dozen cookies.

So how do you make the rose buds?  Well, I forgot to take any pics of the process (sorry about that!) as I was kind of in a groove.  But fear not since Amber Spiegel has a couple of YouTube videos where she demonstrates her technique.  It isn't hard to do but it is labor intensive.  Each rosebud I made got 9 dots of color (one pink, two red, three light green, three dark green)  Multiply that by three rosebuds for each cookie and then that number by 36 cookies in the batch and you've got a lot of icing dots!  Then those dots are either swirled together (for the flowers) or pulled (for the leaves).  That's a lot of hand work for each cookie but I don't mind.  I love working in the calm and quiet of my kitchen making something that is as pretty to look at as it is tasty to eat.

I hope that you have a happy and blessed Easter holiday that is filled with love and happiness.  Happy baking, dear friends!!

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