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Cranberry Orange Chocolate Drops - Harmonious Flavor Mashup

Cranberry Orange Chocolate Drops

Cranberry Orange Chocolate Drops

In the baking world (and the foodie world in general), there are certain flavors which perfectly compliment each other.  Cranberry and orange is one of those perfect matches.  Orange and chocolate is also a classic combination.  What would happen if you mashed some of those classic pairings together?  Say, cranberry, orange and chocolate?  Well, you would get this delightful cookie - cranberry orange chocolate drops.

This chubby cookie (who doesn't like a chubby cookie?) is a flavorful variation on a recipe created by King Arthur Flour.  KAF's original recipe calls for white chocolate chips and pecans.  I've substituted bittersweet chocolate chips for the white chocolate chips and I've eliminated the pecans in deference to a dear friend who has a nut allergy.  Instead of the nuts, I've simply added in more dried cranberries.

The orange flavor in the recipe can be supplied by either orange zest or orange oil.  I've chosen to use orange oil since I have it in my pantry.  KAF's recipe also suggests using espresso powder.  KAF says that the espresso powder is an optional ingredient which adds no coffee flavor but which helps to balance the sweetness of the cookie, which uses both light brown and granulated white sugars.  KAF also suggests sprinkling the cookies very, very lightly with fine salt before baking to further balance the sweetness of the cookie.  I love salty/sweet treats so don't mind if I do use the salt.

Cranberry orange chocolate drops are delicious.  Each of the three flavors are clearly discernable but are not overpowering. Every time I make them someone asks me for the recipe.  Would you like to give them a try?  Then navigate on over to KAF's web site and check out the recipe.  Note:  you will want to search for "cranberry orange white chocolate drops."  Enjoy!

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