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I support local businesses by purchasing food and other items which are produced in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Now that Spring has sprung, my favorite local farmers' market has started up and I once again have locally grown fruits and vegetables available.  I like knowing the folks who grow the food I prepare and the quality of that food is unparalleled.  Much of the food is harvested only hours before being placed out on the tables for sale.  Now that's fresh!!

Buying local also extends to bakeware that I use in my kitchen.  Meet USA Pans.  As their name would suggest, USA Pans manufactures bakeware and cookware right here in the good ol' U S of A.  And even better for me is the fact that USA Pans is based in Southwestern Pennsylvania and manufactures its high quality bakeware for home use here in Pittsburgh.  It doesn't get any closer than that folks!

So what makes USA Pans so good?  A few things.  First, these pans are good and heavy, nothing wimpy here.  USA Pans uses aluminized steel for strength.  Mind you, they are not prohibitively heavy.  Pick up a USA Pan and you'll see what I mean.  

Next, there is a clear non-stick coating on every pan.  This coating promotes easy release of baked goods and other items from the pan.  Helps with clean up too.

Finally, there is that distinctive ribbed appearance.  USA Pans describes this feature as corrugation which maximizes the strength of the pan.  This corrugation also prevents the pans from warping in the oven AND promotes even browning on the bottom of your cookies, breads, cakes and other baked goods.  This is true even if you use parchment paper like I do.

Are you looking for some new bakeware?  If so, I hope that you consider giving USA Pans a try.  I have had my USA Pans for years and they are still going great.  They are not cheap but I feel that the investment is worth it.  (Please note, that the statements expressed in this post are my own opinions after using products manufactured by USA Pans.  I have no relationship with USA Pans whatsoever.)

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