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Hi! I’m Gloria and welcome to my baking blog, The Peel! The Peel is where I will share thoughts, recipes, techniques and other interesting things about baking. Baking is what I do – I operate Honoré Baking, a business devoted to promoting and teaching the art of home baking.

Today, in my first post, I wanted to share with you how Honoré Baking was born.

I have been baking and sharing for years. It is only natural; I love to bake but it is only me and my husband at home. So, I have indulged my passion for baking by sharing my bounty with my family and friends. And my family and friends have been happy to help me out.

Baking has been my avocation but I never thought that it would become my vocation. That is, until about 15 months ago when a small whisper I had been hearing became a very loud SHOUT, a veritable 2 x 4 board up the side of my head. Let’s go back in time.

Chocolate bread - yum!

Chocolate bread - yum!

It is a Saturday morning early in December of 2013. I had a hair cut appointment that morning and, since Christmas was on the way, I took a Christmas gift with me to give to my hair-stylist, who is my good friend - a loaf of chocolate bread. I have been giving loaves of chocolate bread to my friends for Christmas for years. Around this same time, I had been considering my work and was thinking about maybe changing jobs. My friend and I discussed this possibility as he was cutting my hair.

Another client entered the shop, a very lovely woman, and since it was Christmas time, the conversation turned to baking. My friend mentioned to his other client the chocolate bread that I had given him that morning. The client said that she had never heard of chocolate bread so I began to tell her about it, where I found the recipe, how to make it and how to make yeast breads in general. I could (and did) go on and on about yeast breads.

A little while later, as he was styling my hair, my friend suggested to me that if I was considering a job change, I should do something with my baking, maybe show others how to bake. He said that when I talked about baking, my face just lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree. Hmmmmm. That was an interesting idea. Food for thought, I thought. And that was that.

Molly B, Duffy, Rosebud and Spencer

Molly B, Duffy, Rosebud and Spencer

Several hours later, I was sitting at a luncheon and benefit auction that is sponsored annually by the local dog park where I spend my Saturdays training my four West Highland White terriers.  I have been training my Westies at this dog park for years and as a result, I have become friends with both the park staff and many of my fellow patrons and their four legged pals. These folks also know my baking very well; they are the beneficiaries of my weekly baking sessions and have been happily eating the cookies, breads, cupcakes, etc. that I make for a number of years now. As we were sitting in the restaurant chatting, one of my friends leaned over to me and suggested that I donate a baking lesson as an auction item. Another friend chimed in and said she would definitely bid if I donated a lesson. What did I think? Would I do it?

I was stunned. Here on the exact same day, hours apart, two people who don’t know each other BOTH suggested that I use my passion and skill as a baker in a way I had never considered - teaching others how to bake. This was not simply a coincidence. This was a sign, a calling to me that as one chapter of my life was seemingly coming to an end, the next chapter was there in front of me waiting to be written.

So, that day in early December of 2013, the seed for Honoré Baking was planted. I donated a baking lesson as an auction item. In fact, I donated two lessons. There was a bidding war and I was asked if I would consider donating two baking lessons, one for each of the battling bidders. Would I consider it?? You betcha!!

Since that day in December of 2013, I have been planning and working to get Honoré Baking up and running. Teaching is fun and so very rewarding. I have been working on class ideas and lesson plans and, of course, trying new recipes as well as making old favorites.

Today, I have launched my web site and started my blog. Take a look around. Have a question or comment? Want to take a class? I’m here to help. Who are YOU baking for and what are you going to make?

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