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My Essential Baking Tools

Over the years, I have discovered a number of tools which make the baking process easier and more time efficient for me. Using these tools also enables me to achieve consistent results in the baked goods that I make. So here’s a list of the baking tools which have earned a permanent place in my kitchen.

Stand Mixer -

A stand mixer will easily and thoroughly combine the ingredients in all of your baking recipes. I have a KitchenAid 6-qt. professional stand mixer and it is the work horse in my kitchen. From whipping egg whites, to creaming butter and sugar to kneading bread dough, my stand mixer can handle anything and everything that I ask it to do.


Food Scale -

I have been using a food scale to measure dry ingredients for quite a few years now. Not only is measuring by weight faster (no more dragging out the measuring cups, spooning in the flour, leveling off with a knife then dumping into the bowl; repeat), but it is also far more accurate. Your end product will be consistent because you will always be using the same amount of flour, sugar, cocoa, butter, etc. each and every time you bake.

Instant Read Thermometer

When I started baking bread, I would thump the bottom of the loaf, listening for a hollow sound, in order to determine if the bread was done. Truth be told, I was never certain if the bread was done. Then, I discovered the beauty of using the instant read thermometer. With the thermometer, there is no guessing – yeast breads are done when baked to an internal temperature of 200-205 degrees and quick breads are done at an internal temperature of 195-200 degrees.

Silicone Rolling Mat

The silicone rolling mat makes kneading breads and rolling cookie dough and pie crust easy. The mat adheres to the counter so there is no inadvertent slipping of the dough. Clean up is a breeze - just rinse or wipe clean, dry and store until your next baking session.  I got my mat from King Arthur Flour several years ago.


Cookie Scoops

Think ice cream scoops for cookie dough! These scoops come in teaspoon, tablespoon, and jumbo sizes. Your cookies will all be the same size which promotes even baking.



Parchment Paper -

Parchment paper makes it easy to remove your baked goods from the baking sheet or pan without adding calories. Cookies slide off the sheet, cake layers drop out of the pan without sticking and quick breads easily lift out of their pans!  I buy precut sheets from King Arthur Flour that perfectly fit my cookie sheets.  Parchment sheets are reusable, too!


Baking Stone -

This large clay tile lets you achieve beautiful, crusty artisan loaves and pizza crusts in your home oven. A baking stone absorbs the heat of the oven and distributes it evenly to the bread or pizza making for a crispy crust.

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